I drove by the Presbyterian Church in Timnath, noticed their sign, and thought of my horse, Volare, who really needs prayers. She’s a stinker. It’s a good thing she’s SO cute.

The blessing of pets and animals is often celebrated on October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, or on a Sunday near that date. Sunday afternoon Pastor Matt will be blessing animals on the lawn of Timnath Presbyterian Church on Main Street starting at 2. He expects a varied group of blessees from llamas to iguanas and plenty of cats and dogs. Matt noted that some folks stop by just to meet the pets.

I'm not sure he was happy to hear me say that Volare and I would be back for the event, especially after what we did to the church lawn, but we hope to meet new friends - maybe even you - this weekend.  TimnathPres.org   Watch our interview with Pastor Matt: