Nikko Landeros and U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey teammate Tyler Carron began their careers in Paralympic Sled Hockey after being injured in the same accident.

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The two were great friends and teammates on the Berthoud High School wrestling team. On their way home from a dance in their junior year in high school, the two were changing a tire when they were hit by a vehicle and pinned between two SUVs. As a result of the accident both Landeros and Carron became bilateral amputees.

Nikko, who had played hockey for much of his life, led the way and encouraged Carron to try sled hockey. The two were joined as teammates again when they played together for the Colorado Avalanche sled team from 2008-2013.

Now, Nikko Landeros is up for a coveted ESPN Espy Award. The ESPY Awards were created by ESPN in 1993 to recognize individual and team athletic achievements. You can vote here for Nikko Landeros of Berthoud to win the ESPY until July 11th.