Bowling. You don't have to be good at it to enjoy it. Between our weekly "Big Lebowlskis" and my annual "Bowling For Make-A-Wish" a lot of people expect me to be an avid, above-average bowler. Truth is, I still get excited as long as I break 100. I got to thinking today about who my favorite bowlers are...I couldn't name a single actual bowler, so I came up with my top six fictional bowling characters.

  • 6

    Al Bundy

    Ed O'Neil's character from "Married With Children"
  • 5

    Homer Simpson

  • 4

    Fred Flinstone

    Yabba dabba doo!
  • 3

    Jesus Quintana

    John Turturro's character in "The Big Lebowski"
  • 2

    Ernie McCracken

    Bill Murray's character from "Kingpin"
  • 1

    The Bowler

    Janeane Garofalo's character from the movie "Mystery Men"