The hunt for a 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway has moved from her Westminster neighborhood to Superior after the discovery of a backpack and water bottle with her name on it. Jessica disappeared around 8:30 Friday morning. Her daily routine was to walk 3 blocks from her house to meet friends then continue the 1.3 mile trek to school. Jessica's mother stood in the front yard of their home at 10768 Moore St. until her daughter was out of sight. She did not show up to meet her classmates, disappearing somewhere in the 3 block radius.

7NEWS reports police and the FBI are actively pursuing several leads including a report from a neighbor in Jessica's neighborhood that a suspicious van was seen in the area Friday morning. The backpack is the first solid lead police have had since Jessica vanished. A forensic examination of the backpack and contents would be likely conducted to look for possible fingerprints, hair, fibers and DNA that doesn't belong to Jessica.

Friends of the family have set up a facebook page dedicated to finding her.
Police released a phone number and email for anyone with information: 303-658-4336 and