In news that might bring you down a notch. Heidi Hankins is the newest member of Mensa and she is only 4-years old.  Heidi has an I.Q. of 159 and is up there with Einstein and Hawking! Mensa is the high I.Q. society and there are members in more than 100 countries and they only allow people whose I.Q. are in the top 2% of the worlds population.

It was Heidi's father who had the idea to get her to join Mensa. He noticed his daughter was gifted at a young age. She was drawing princesses and animals at 14 months and taught herself to read at 18 months using the computer.

We always thought Heidi was pretty bright because she was reading early.I happen to specialize in measuring I.Q.s in children, and I was curious about her and the results were off the scale."

She isn't even the youngest to join Mensa though.

Oscar Rigley joined in 2009 when he was under 2-and-a-half years old, and Elise Tan Roberts, who joined that same year at 3.